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Thank you so much for taking the time to inquire with me! I’ve created this guide to make booking a wedding photographer easy as cake! Wedding planning can be daunting, so I’m hoping this guide eases the stress of finding your dream wedding photographer!

Hey, I’m Taylor! From the age of 10, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I grew up taking photographs with my dad. We created imagery together that I cherished. Photography, to me, has always been extremely sentimental. Fast forward to now, I’ve been working as a wedding photographer in the Lloydminster and surrounding area for 5 years. I received my Photographic Technology diploma at NAIT in 2015. I’ve always been passionate about creating. Photography has been the perfect tool for me to document connection, love, and the special relationships my clients share. Weddings are truly so special to me. I’m so grateful to have a job that allows me to document people on one of the best days of their lives!

I’m so excited to meet up with you and your person! I love learning about you met, where and how you fell in love, and most importantly, about your future wedding plans!

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I’ve always been inspired by connection and story telling. I thrive off creating collections of pictures that accurately depict the unique events that unfold at each wedding. I want my clients to be able to look at their wedding pictures and feel like they are being transported back to those same moments and feel those same emotions. I have an eye for catching moments as they happen. Pair these moments with beautiful usage of light, and you end up with creative, emotive imagery!

Upon receiving an inquiry with a client, I like to meet my couples face to face (whether that be in person or Facetime). Establishing a connection with my clients is extremely important to me. Through getting to know your dynamic as a couple, what you like to do together, and how you fell in love, I’m able to get a sense of how I can document you in a way that feels like “you”. For example, I may pose a couple who is quiet and reserved differently than I would pose a really outgoing couple. I strive to make my clients as comfortable as I can behind the camera, and I do like to create experiences that cater to what suits them best.

There is an element of trust that goes along with hiring a wedding photographer. I am with my clients almost all day on their wedding, so it truly is important that my clients feel 100% confident in their choice of hiring me. When we are able to get to know each other and establish a strong relationship, we are able to work harmoniously on your wedding day! I welcome my couples to ask questions and express what they are looking for in a photographer so I can make sure we are great match for each other!

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All packages also include a complimentary engagement session. This allows you to have a chance to “practice” for your wedding photos! Engagement sessions are 1.5 hours in length and give us freedom to photograph in locations that may not be available to us on your wedding day. It’s a great idea to create variety in your session by doing an outfit change and/or a location change. This is also a great time to have your makeup trial done!

All of my wedding packages are based off hours of coverage and print product. Closer to your wedding date, we will go for coffee to create a custom timeline for your wedding. This allows you to choose a wedding package that sticks within your budget, while also making sure we fit everything you would like covered during your wedding. Customization is always an option if you’re wanting more hours of coverage and no print product (or vice-versa). 8-10 hours is a perfect amount of time to document from the getting ready process to your first dance.

All pictures (both engagement and wedding) are delivered on an online gallery format. You are able to print, download, and share with friends straight from the gallery. Prior to receiving your gallery, I create a sneak peek video with a select number of images. This gives my clients a birds eye view of what they’ll be receiving in weeks to come! It typically takes me about 1.5 months to complete and deliver wedding photos. An engagement session will me take 2 weeks to edit and deliver.

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12 Hours of Wedding Coverage

High Resolution Wedding Photos Included

Complimentary Engagement Session

Premium Wedding Album



10 Hours of Wedding Coverage

High Resolution Wedding Photos Included

Complimentary Engagement Session

Luxe Wedding Album



8 Hours of Coverage

High Resolution Wedding Photos Included

Complimentary Engagement Session



6 Hours of Coverage

High Resolution Wedding Photos Included

Engagement Session Not Included






MILEAGE - $0.40/KM (From Lloydminster & Back)

** All Packages & A La Cart Items are Subject to 5% GST

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