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Hey there! I am so excited you are here! My name is Taylor Lorenz and I run Taylor Olivia Photography. I started my career in photography by helping out a local wedding photographer 5 years ago. This sparked such a passion in me that I decided to apply to NAIT’s Photographic Technology Program. I was accepted and I learned a ton while in school. I graduated in 2015 and have been photographing life events and weddings since.

My goal as a photographer is to photograph events like they are stories. I love getting to know my clients so I can portray them in a genuine manner. I love creating moments, emotions, and connections and using those to create images that make my clients feel something. My hope is that my clients will be able to look back at their photos with their grandchildren and feel the same way they felt during their session.

I can’t wait to photograph your family! Please read through this guide for all the information you’ll need! If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email at:

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I always love to inform my clients that I’m not your average, classic family photographer. I love to photograph families that are up to adventuring with me. Families that are willing to be vulnerable and silly with me. I do have a process that I use to emulate a more natural approach with my family sessions. This involves me prompting my clients to do certain things that will ultimately create reactions and laughter to get a much more relaxed look! This works especially well with children, because I love to showcase their little personalities, rather than just have them stand and smile at the camera. This often also allows me to document really beautiful, sweet connections between siblings and parents. That being said, of course we will do some posed photos of you all looking at the camera and smiling. I do see value in the classic family photo, but I do think being able to look back and see your children’s personalities for exactly what they were is so special!

Every family is different! I do like to take a bit of time at the beginning of our session to talk to the entire family, including children, to get a sense of personalities and comfortability. I believe this is a really useful tool that allows me to document families in an accurate way, and ensure all members of the family are comfortable in front of the camera. Not everyone (especially children) love getting their picture taken, and that’s okay! This whole process of me assessing comfortability and forming a bit of a relationship allows that nervousness to slowly dissipate. Patience is key! Family sessions can be overwhelming for kids. It’s a new event that many children have not been exposed to, which often will lead to a bit of apprehension. Patience is key. Let the kids be kids, you’ll be amazed by what we can create!

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A lot of people ask me about what to wear to their sessions. I always want my clients to be comfortable during their session. I love the motto “be true to you”. Wear things that you would typically wear! As for clothing, I really only make a few suggestions. Avoid having everyone wear dark coloured shirts. Dark colours tend to mush together in photos and will have little definition between each article of clothing. The only other detail about clothing I like to mention is avoid really brightly coloured, distracting patterns. Often, that will be what the eye goes straight to in photos! It can really distract from the actual subjects in the photos. Pinterest is a really great resource if you’re looking for colour combinations that work well together, as well as, outfit inspiration. I can always offer suggestions if you are struggling with this! Lastly, be mindful that we will be walking, we’ll be playing, and we’ll be usually in grassy areas. Having comfortable footwear is key to ensuring you’ll stay warm, dry, and can move easily.

I can work with any time of day when it comes to photographs. It’s never a bad idea to plan your session around your child’s nap schedule! Often these sessions take a lot out of kids so having them fed and napped makes a huge difference. Photographing about an hour before the sun goes down does yield to a really dreamy type of lighting, but is definitely not mandatory. Please feel free to inquire if you’re looking for a certain look in your photos! Shockingly enough, time of day does impact the look due to positioning of the sun. With ensuring we’re photographing in the proper direction and utilizing shady areas and trees we can achieve the perfect look! I’ve worked throughout any time of day and we can make anything look amazing!

Finally, location! I always give my clients the option to suggest a location or let me give them a few options. Since the positioning of the sun is so important, I do require my clients to send me the location of their choosing beforehand so I can ensure it will work for us depending on the time of day we are doing our session. I love photographing families in places that are special to them. Many families will choose to have their session at the lake, their family farm, or somewhere they have a memory together. Remember, location can be a huge factor when it comes to story telling! Pick a place that suits your family. Some families prefer a downtown look, some families prefer somewhere rural. Anything goes, as long as it is safe and we have permission!

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1 Hour of Photography Time

Optional Outfit Change

Optional Location Change

High Resolution, Fully Edited Photos Included

Delivered on Online Gallery



Up to 2 Hours of Photography Time

Combinations of Each Family/Everyone Together

One Location

High Resolution, Fully Edited Photos Included

Delivered on Online Gallery

** All session fees are subject to 5% GST

** A $200 retainer is required to secure your session date

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