This session was so much fun!  When Kristin, (a talented Lloydminster based photographer that can be found HERE), asked me about a documentary family session, I got so excited!  I have such a passion for this type of photography.  Simply letting a family hang out and giving them the freedom to be themselves gives such a genuine feel to the photos!  These are some of the most kind, fun people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  

They started their session by feeding and checking up on some cattle.  From there, they adventured through the pasture, finding little ravines and running away from "snakes"!  Taking a break, the blanket and books were brought out.  The kids had a chance to climb trees, pretend to be reindeer, play parachute with the blanket, and do some snuggling.  After that, they ran through the fields, climbed some bails, and danced their sweet little hearts out!

It is such a blast watching children be themselves.  All their quirks, smiles, tears, and thoughts make for amazing, genuine photographs!

Taylor Lorenz3 Comments