Emily and Liam are honestly such a beautiful couple.  I know I say this often, but they have a kind of love that is so unique, poetic, and just so real.  I have never heard vows as sweet as theirs.  The way they simply gaze at one another speaks volumes.  

I arrived at their wedding location, Lion's Garden (you can find the venue here),  the day before the wedding and was in total awe.  The barn where their reception was held was INCREDIBLE.  So picturesque, a photographer's dream!  Everything about this tree farm was beautiful.  It is so refreshing to photograph weddings in new places!  

Liam and Emily's wedding was dreamy.  From an incredible barn, to a stunning loft, to beautiful scenery, to poetic vows, to crazy dancing; this day had it all.  What a way to end my wedding season!

Taylor LorenzComment