I had the great honour of shooting Elenee and Jeremiah's incredible wedding a couple days ago.  About a week before their wedding, Elenee and I decided we wanted to plan a stylized bridal session.  I ran the simple concept by her (big field of dandelions, old vintage ladder, tons of fresh peonies, and some vines) and planned a date within minutes.  I was really nervous for this session, as stylized bridal sessions can often be expensive and require many helping hands.  We somehow pulled off the shoot for just under $100 with three people!

This session was extra special because it was my first collaborative, creative shoot since I had moved home from school.  My new friend, Hope Helmer, graciously met me for coffee a couple hours before the shoot to help gather last minute details (AKA everything when slightly disorganized like me..).  We then snuck off to Elenee's new darling home to get her glammed up.  Dekker Gervais did Elenee's hair while we gathered ideas and chatted about who knows what!  Working together with these two made me incredibly excited for more collaborative shoots hopefully in the near future!  It's a beautiful thing when you can work with people you've never met before and feel like such close friends!  This should definitely wasn't possible without their help.

Elenee, you are/were such a gorgeous bride; both for this session and for your wedding.  I'm so thankful to have beautiful friends who are willing to model for me, as well as, creative friends to work together to make these shoots happen!  Without further adieu, the most ravishing bride, Mrs. Elenee Young.