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In October of last year, my best friend Tegan of Tegan Jay Photography attended Ben Sasso's workshop!  While we were there, we met and became aquainted with Lindsay Wickenheiser (who is also a fantastic photographer, you can find her and her husband's work HERE).  We soon found out Lindsay lived in Kelowna, where oddly enough, Tegan and I were travelling to the following day.  

Fast forward a couple days, Tegan and I were bumming around the streets of Kelowna when we decided to call Lindsay.  We went out for coffee and hung out for the afternoon.  It's amazing the connections you can make with amazing people in such a short amount of time!  Later in the week Tegan and I decided to set up a shoot with Lindsay and her husband, Steven.  These two, you guys.  They are SO beautiful and crazy photogenic!  Together, we climbed a hill in a park, sat on some cacti, cracked some jokes, drunk walked, and watched the sun go down.

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