Bittersweet part three.  This is by far my favourite grouping of images I was able to capture on our trip.  All these photos were taken while Brett, Terra, and I visited some of the homes of the partnered children.  

This day conjured a lot of different emotions.  Gratitude, happiness, hurt, sadness, hope, and frustration.  We met orphaned children, people who couldn't feed their families, people who had saved children from poverty, sick children, and struggling parents.  These people are the faces of poverty.  But they have so much hope!  Through Our Village, children are being put through school.  These children are given a chance to strike down poverty and prove they are more.  Education, you guys.  It is so important.  It's every Ugandan child's dream, to be educated.

These are the children that still stick with me.  Their faces are familiar, their sweet laughter lingers, and ever present smiles pass my mind frequently.  Looking at these photos, I feel like this was my purpose while in Africa.  I am not a doctor, I am not a teacher, I am not a speaker.  I am an artist.  Art is such a beautiful way to tell people's stories and I really hope through these posts you were able to travel to Uganda with me.  To hear these people's stories, their struggles, their hopes, and their dreams.  Thank you to everyone who supported Brett and I with this trip.  Constant encouragement and well wishes were so gratefully appreciated.  We are already dreaming up our next trip!  I'm not entirely sure where we will end up, but I'm already looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all.  We love you all, thanks again xoxo.

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