So after our crazy safari, a couple visits in the Lamwo district, the long drive back through Kampala, we finally were going to Chad and Terra's school site in Iganga.  This was by far my favourite part of the trip.  Something about the children in Uganda just made me so incredibly happy.  Driving down the streets you were always guaranteed to see children flocking out of houses and shacks screaming greetings and waving feverishly.  They were always so excited to see us driving in our van!

The children we met in Chad and Terra's school were incredible.  (Check out Our Village Uganda to learn more about Chad and Terra's work in Uganda)  I have never met children that value their education as much as these children did.  They were so eager to learn and to soak in knowledge.  Brett and I got to teach them a lesson on Canada which was neat!  They couldn't believe there was snow here and it got below 20 degrees (which in Uganda, is very cold).  The children wrote and exchanged letters for me to bring back to some of the kids that attend the school I'm currently working in.  It was such a fun afternoon and gave us a chance to develop relationships with some of the kids.  Gosh, was it ever easy to get attached.  These kids are rays of sunshine in the darkness of poverty.

I would describe this time as a week and a half of pure joy.  Nothing less, nothing more.  My heart has been missing these sweet faces lately.  So so much.


Taylor LorenzComment