I never dreamed I would be writing these words.  Brett and I had conjured up the idea of going to Uganda shortly after we started dating three years ago.  We dreamt of the people, what the cities would be like, the children.  Fast forward to February of 2016, we hopped on a plane and were on our way to Africa.  We laughed at how, honestly, it didn't feel like we were even going once travelling on the plane.  

We decided to go into this trip with no expectation, no plans, no hopes, just sheer willingness to take in what we were about to experience.  Uganda is beautiful. Beautiful in the most hectic, heartbreaking, and incredible way.  Thousands of people rushing in the streets, boda taxis flourishing, military present in many areas, and thousands of little shack-like shops selling everything you could ever dream of.  Uganda is so busy, but in the most interesting, sensory overload kind of way.  We couldn't fixate long enough before our eyes trailed off to something new.  

Part one of our trip which will be the focus of this blog post is travelling through Gulu, Kitgum, and Kidepo.  We travelled north for two entire days on the red dirt roads until we finally reached Kidepo.  This gave us time to catch up on a little sleep and take a break from the craziness of Kampala.  There is just so much to see, it really is hard to describe.  I suppose instead of trying to write everything down, I'll let you delve into the good part.  Here is part one of Brett and Tay go to Africa.

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